Crypto Team

We are looking for new coins, check their quality, make ranking, made experiments with mining and many others.


Auto rating

We have developed software that allows us to calculate the coin rating by description in the bitcointalk forum and also point out the shortcomings of the coins.

Everyday we publish a rating of the best new coins in recent days.

Examples in discord and article with rating.


We filter new coins in a number of ways: it has masternodes, mining on asics, video cards or processors. You can subscribe to the channels in the discord for the filter you are interested in.


Everyday we publish information about new coins in the form of a google-spreadsheet in which you can see all the coins we found without filtration.


Public experimental mining

We conduct experiments with the mining of new coins using the purchase of power from NiceHash and then sale when the coin enter to the stock exchange. The results of the experiments are publishing on discord and telegrams channels


We began to conduct interviews with the developers of coins, focusing on the issues of interest to miners, premine, masternodes, features of coin prices, etc.

Example article on english and russian language.


We publish some of the ideas and developments on the github for discussion in our group.


Rules for auto calculation raiting for coin by description on forum

telegram (russian)